cover front smallSKULL NUGGETS

Robert has just failed to kill himself when he hears about a place that will drill a hole in his skull and help him pour out all the bugs. Arianne has been talking to Shiva and knows how to save the world, but she needs Robert to make it happen. If it weren’t for a hot sword-swallowing acrobat and her aging punk rock dad, the path would be clear.

Forato House is looking for test subjects: Are you between the ages of 21 and 61? Are you depressed, anxious, unfulfilled? Join us at our state of the art residential testing facility where we have perfected trepanation, the ancient art of drilling a hole in the skull to achieve a permanently higher state of consciousness! But that’s not all! We are currently seeking individuals who wish to eradicate their neurophages. Through our proprietary process of injecting hallucinogens directly into the frontal lobe, you can rid yourself of brain mites and experience lasting bliss. Do it for science! Do it for peace of mind! Do it for the people you love!



All she wants to do is dance, but she keeps having to kick people’s asses.

Trigger Warning! If you’ve ever been married to a wildly over-controlling lawyer twice your age, after your parents kidnapped you from a cult, and then become a pole dancing super hero, this book may not be for you. Otherwise, by all means, enjoy!


From the Vedas to Vinyasa: an Introduction to the History and Philosophy of Yoga

Do you like yoga? Do you want to learn everything you can about it? I wrote this book as a summary of a crap-ton of research I did over several years into what yoga started out as, how it changed over time, and how it came to be what it is in the U.S. It’s both accessible and academically rigorous. It’s used in several teacher trainings and has received stellar feedback for its straightforward and lighthearted tone. Great for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of yoga or as a gift for the yoga lover in your life.



Yoga to Ease Anxiety: Practices and Perspectives to Help You Enjoy Life Again

Tired of being anxious? This little book is a practical guide to changing the habits of thought and action that can keep us from fully enjoying life. It offers simple and effective relaxation and meditation techniques as well as wisdom from the yoga tradition which provides a timeless perspective.


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