Thigh Gap for Sale

It’s finally, officially out ~ the origin story of Erika Pleasures! If Thigh Gap were a movie, it’s tagline would be: All she wants to do is dance, but she keeps having to fight her way 2to freedom!

My first foray into fiction is a dark comedy that isn’t for everyone. In fact, I’ve tried to ward off the faint of heart with this description ~

Trigger Warning! If you’ve ever been married to a wildly over-controlling lawyer twice your age, after your parents kidnapped you from a cult, and then become a pole dancing super hero, this book may not be for you. Otherwise, by all means, enjoy!

But don’t take just my word for it. Here’s what some of the reviews on Amazon have to say:

~ “I don’t know if this was silly, or dark, or disturbing, or what exactly, but it was definitely a fun read that took me away from having a lot on my mind and carried me to some sort of weird places… and I enjoyed going.” Luna

~ “This quick read is light and engaging. Positive story of empowerment that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Go on, treat yourself!” William D. Floyd

~ “once you start, you can’t put this book down!”  Gretchen

~ “Smart, fun, humorous and a little violent with a healthy dose of girl power!” Bewley

So dig in to that Thigh Gap and enjoy!


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