Best Books to Get You Started in Bizarro

After a painstakingly thorough survey of the field (i.e., asking writers and fans on Facebook), the following authors and titles surfaced as some of the best contenders if you’re looking for a good introduction to the bizarro genre.

The first seven names received multiple votes, but the books mentioned may not have. Laura Lee Bahr’s Haunt was by far a standout favorite. After that, the entries are in no particular order. The parentheses indicate titles I added because I love them and could not leave them out. (Which doesn’t mean I don’t love some of the others, just that I had the honor of nominating these particular books.)

If there are any other titles or authors you think should be here, please leave your suggestions in the comments and I’ll add them. Now, without further ado, the list:

Laura Lee Bahr, Haunt

Jeremy Robert Johnson, Entropy in Bloom

Danger Slater, I Will Rot Without You; (He Digs a Hole)

Mykle Hansen, I, Slutbot; (HELP! A Bear is Eating Me!)

Kevin L. Donihe, House of Houses

Brian Allen Carr, Edie and the Low-Hung Hands

Carlton Mellick III, The Haunted Vagina; I Knocked Up Satan’s Daughter; Fantastic Orgy; Cannibals in Candyland; Quicksand House; Apeshit

Bradley Sands, Rico Slade Will Fucking Kill You, (Dodgeball High)

Karl Fischer, Towers

Sean M. Thompson, Hate from the Sky

Autumn Christian, Ecstatic Inferno

Garrett Cook, Time Pimp

Cameron Pierce, Ass Goblins of Auschwitz

Caris O’Malle, The Egg Said Nothing

Ed Wageman, The Panty Thief of Bridgeport

Emma Johnson, Bezerkoids

Zoltán Komor, Flamingos in the Ashtray

Jeff O’Brien, Bigboobenstein

(Andersen Prunty, Fuckness)

Tiffany Scandal

Violet LeVoit

Cody Goodfellow

Rios de la Luz


Best Bizarro Fiction of the Decade (ed. Cameron Pierce)

Any of the Bizarro Starter Kits


Sixty-five Stirrup Iron Road, by Brian Keene, Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, J.F. Gonzolaz, Brian Smith, Wrath James White, Nate Southard, Ryan Harding, and Shane McKenzie

If you’re still looking for great titles to read after these, check this out. It’s my virtual bizarro bookshelf, featuring covers and favorite sentences from all kinds of books in this crazy ass genre.

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