On How I Continue to Absolutely CRUSH S. T. Cartledge in the Survivor Winners at War Pool

By eating crow, that’s how.

Two weeks ago I said I would stand against points earned from Edge of Extinction until hell froze over or until it served me to change my mind. This is the week it serves me to change my mind.

While I scored one point from Adam, who hung on to his life in the game by his fingertips, I scored two from EoE players: Amber for narrating the first quarter of the episode and Ethan for nearly passing out while going up and down that mountain for firewood 20 times. But he persevered, medics were called, he talked about surviving cancer and wanting to be an inspiration to people, the women rallied around him for the final ascent, and that’s how good TV is made. And how I get my third point for the week.

My beloved curmudgeon Tyson was sadly voted out, but hope is not lost and points can still be gained when Edge of Extinction is in play.

At this point, Mr. Cartledge has 1 point to my 5. It’s getting a little embarrassing. I’d throw him a bone if I could, but choices were made and the unfolding of events is out of our hands. He’s just lucky that Natalie is going to come swooping back in, kick everyone’s ass, and win it all.  And that might—just might—give him a chance against me.

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