How am I kicking S.T. Cartledge’s ass in our Survivor pool?

Narrowly, very narrowly.

Ok, to start with, here are the rules. We did a school yard pick of all the Season 40 Winners at War castaways, and points will be assigned as follows.

Winner – 10 points

Second place – 3 points

Third place – 2 points

5+ confessionals in one episode – 1 point

First boot – minus 3 points

So, where do we stand after the first extended episode with its double elimination?

One of my picks, Sandra (who, yes, I got by default, but now that she’s mine, I’ll cheer her to her final, conniving breath), had 5 confessionals. So that is +1 for me.

Three of Shane’s picks—Tony, Parvati, and Natalie—had 5 or more confessionals, giving him +3.

But hold on, because Natalie also got FIRST BOOT, which is a -3 and negates all those confessionals, leaving the final tally at ME: +1 and SHANE: 0.

Of course, Natalie could come back from Edge of Extinction and win the whole thing. Anybody could, for that matter. The important thing is living in the moment, in this moment right now, where I’m winning.

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