Indie Lit Survivor S40 Pool is Lit Indeed

How does it feel to have double Shane’s point (no typo)? Just fine I tell ya, and thanks for asking.

This week in e2 of Winners and War, Natalie (Team Shane) and Adam (Team Amy) both claimed enough screen time (5+ confessionals) to garner us each a point. Is it fair that Natalie was voted out last week but she’s still earning points from beyond the grave? No, it isn’t, and I will double down on this until the day one of my players earns me a point from Edge of Extinction.

More importantly: (1) Is there really an epic war brewing between Rob and Sandra? Could the producers hide their boners and lady boners at the thought of it?

(2) Ben’s lovable doofus nature was on full display this week. Is he as naïve as he appears? All I know is, I want to see lots more of Ben.

(3) Danni freaked out early and let paranoia take hold. But isn’t part of the failure of the Old Folks’ Home alliance Parvati’s? Just a few words of reassurance over the course of a couple days, eye contact even, and Parvati would have kept her numbers. Oh well, c’est la vie.

(4) The whole dumping the bags things at tribal was watch-from-behind-my-hands embarrassing. Rob should know better than to whip out a command like that. That people followed it only demonstrates to those same people how much power he has. He learned nothing and showed his hand. I know a lot of people appreciate his aggressive, take-control style, but I find it wildly overbearing.

(5) And finally, from e1 rather than e2, but IMO the best thing s40 gave us this week, is this exchange between some unsuspecting Twitter user and my state-mate, Tyson.



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